Is collaborative family law right for me?

Collaborative law isn’t right for everyone. It could be right for you if you are keen to resolve things in a dignified and constructive way; if you want to reach agreements that are in your children’s best interests; keep control over decisions about your future and pave the way for good relations with your partner in the future.

You might want to consider collaborative law if:

You are looking for a dignified, non-aggressive resolution of the issues.
You and your partner have children and want to keep their needs at the forefront of your decision making.
You don't want to incur the costs and animosity generated by court proceedings.
You would like to keep good, open relations and communication with your partner in the future.
You and your partner have extended family and friends, to whom you would both wish to remain in contact in the future.
You value retaining control over decisions about finances or arrangements in relation to your children, made with input and advice from experts.
You do not want to leave decisions about your future in the hands of lawyers or a court.
Your main aim in the process is not to seek revenge on your former partner.
You need help from a lawyer to negotiate in face-to-face meetings.
If you think collaborative law could be right for you, many of our members offer a free no-obligation discussion to explore things in more detail. You can use this site to find a lawyer in your local area, and the two videos below provide an in-depth look at the process from some of our members.