Preparing your clients for the collaborative process:

Danielle Barbereau

This workshop is based on the belief that the collaborative relationship you establish with your clients differs from other work and requires different skills and a different approach. It argues that it bears similarities with the coaching relationship. Some of the techniques and skills used by a divorce coach - such as communicating, listening, choosing the right language and asking the right questions - can contribute to a quicker resolution in the collaborative process.
The workshop is intended to give a perspective on the relationship between solicitor and client, refer to the process of coaching to bring change, propose some useful models and techniques to establish rapport and to bring solutions, and enable discussion. 
It's an interactive and participative session, which will leave you with a consideration about how to approach your preparation differently. It may also have an impact on how you establish rapport with all your clients.

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About Danielle...

I specialise in helping clients who are going through painful breakups or trying to decide if they wish to stay together or separate.

I absolutely love doing what I do. I fully appreciate the privileged position my job brings, which is entirely about creating a unique, supportive relationship with clients. This enables me to challenge them when I feel they are stuck in unhelpful patterns.

I am French, but have worked and lived in the UK for a very long time, which was a childhood dream (the Brontës and the Suffragettes have a lot to answer for this). I am proud of having raised two well-adjusted daughters singlehandedly and to have worked in senior management in Higher Education (Russell Group Universities) while being a single mum.

Nearly 10 years ago, I trained with Barefoot Coaching which provides a Masters in Coaching accredited by the University of Chester and endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists. I am a member of the Association for Coaching, which regulates the profession and have well over 2,000 hours coaching experience.

My book “After The Split- The Definitive Guide To Recovery When Relationships Break Down” has been described as “a must-have book if you are separating”. I have also contributed articles for publications in High 50s and The Divorce Magazine and comment as a relationships expert on local radio.

I recently moved to Leeds to live with a very special Yorkshireman. My favourite phrase is “Je ne veux désormais collectionner que les moments de bonheur” Stendhal