Platform 9¾; a journey into Parenting Co-ordination:

Sarah Smith

Parenting coordination is a relatively new concept to UK family law.

In this workshop, Sarah Smith – one of the first 10 people in the UK to qualify as a PC - explains what parenting coordination is, how it works alongside the legal process and how it’s psychologically based interventions, decision-making and education can help those in high conflict family situations.

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About Sarah Smith:

Sarah Smith has been with Berwins’ Solicitors (Harrogate, Leeds) for 11 years and Managing Director for the last six of those. She is designated an Eminent Practitioner by the industry’s guide to the top law firms, Chamber and Partners, a Resolution Accredited Specialist and a member of the Law Society’s Family Panel. 

Sarah has been a Collaborative Lawyer since 2007 and an accredited Family Mediator with FMA since 2012, including Child Inclusive mediation since 2017.
In 2018 Sarah became one of the first 10 people in the UK to train and qualify as a Parenting Cordinator.

Sarah is in her element working with families to ensure they get the help they need to get through divorce and separation.  She is not afraid of conflict and, drawing on her psychology and legal backgrounds, she is known for getting to the ‘nub of it’ quickly.  Clients rate her for her ‘people-awareness’ and ability to get to solutions where none look likely.  She is especially adept at helping parents understand continued co-parenting after separation and crafting Parenting Plans that work for their children.  When appropriate, sessions with children can be incredibly helpful in unlocking family dynamics.