The myths and science of negotiation:

Professor Elizabeth Stokoe


Why do we think we know so much about negotiation, and mediation, and communication, when we so often fail to capture and study actual talk in the wild?

In this plenary, Professor Elizabeth Stokoe will describe her work in conversation analysis. Drawing on a variety of workplace and organizational settings, including mediation, crisis negotiation, medical communication, police interviews and commercial sales encounters.

She will show how the analysis of conversation reveals its highly organized and systematic nature, and how research findings about what is (in)effective can underpin evidence-based communication training with integrity and impact. 

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About Professor Elizabeth Stokoe

Elizabeth Stokoe is Professor of Social Interaction in the School of Social Sciences at Loughborough University.

She uses conversation analysis to Liz-Stokoe-(1).jpgunderstand how talk works - from first dates to medical communication and from sales encounters to hostage negotiation.

Outside the university, she runs workshops with doctors, mediators, salespeople, police and other professionals using her research-based communication training method called the "Conversation Analytic Role-play Method". She is a WIRED Innovation Fellow and her research and biography were featured on the BBC Radio 4’s The Life Scientific. In addition to publishing over 100 scientific papers and books, she is passionate about science communication, translating the world of conversation analysis for audiences of all kinds. She has given TED, New Scientist, Google and Royal Institution lectures, and performed at Latitude Festival (in the Wellcome Trust/British Psychological Society stage) and Cheltenham Science Festivals. Her book, Talk: The Science of Conversation, is published by Little, Brown (2018).