Confidential creativity: The use of financial cashflow modelling in collaborative divorce

Elaine Gwinnett, Gary O'Brien & Ralph Zoing

Cashflow modelling is a tool used by Lifestyle Financial Planners to help clients understand their current financial position and their future financial position by generating a graphical, financial planning forecast.

With the facility of formatting such a model, our presentation demonstrates how, by investigating various options, we can open discussions as to the division of the assets acquired during the marriage – who has what.

With the questions of ‘what if?’, we can guide clients as to the long-term consequences of who has the house and who takes the pension.  Is there sufficient income generated at present to deal with their respective expenditure?  What are the future projections of making specific decisions.  How flexible are the various choices that require agreeing now?

This helps clients understand the effects that the choices made now will affect their lives going forward from a financial aspect.

There will be a demonstration of how modern financial software can be used to model and test the viability of proposed financial settlements. The presentation will include actual case studies where the cash flow models have been used to break stalemates and allowed clients to reach agreements which meet both sets of future needs.

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About the speakers:

Elaine Gwinnett is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, Chartered Financial Planner and has acquired the Resolution Accreditation for collaborative divorce.
She has 20 years’ experience in the Elaine-Gwinnett-(1).jpgprofession and started her own business 10 years ago. She is passionate about guiding clients through the labyrinth of financial decisions, showing empathy with clients especially those going through a divorce.

Gary-O-Brien.jpgGary O'Brien has worked in financial services for over 30 years. He is one of only a handful of a Resolution Accredited IFAs and a Chartered Financial Planner. He is also a huge believer in, and advocate of, financial cashflow modelling.

Ralph Zoing has worked  in financial services for over 30 years and has gained invaluable experience greatly benefitting Harrogate Wealth Management.  He is qualified to Diploma level, a pension transfer specialist and collaboratively trained.  He is a staunch advocate of independent financial advice and believes integrity and honesty are the most vital qualities in any good adviser.