Breathrough thinking for win-win solutions:

Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer will lead this highly interactive workshop-style session. The focus will be on how to think more creatively, gain fresh perspectives and co-create win-win solutions.
The workshop will include:
What happens when we have ideas, and why ideas are so important
How to make the most of your creative brain, and the value of whole brain thinking in problem solving
Positive disruption techniques for creativity
How to use positive, outcome-focused language to support solution-finding
Ways of overcoming inertia, limiting beliefs and resistance to change
Great questions for collaborative solution-finding

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About Andrew Palmer:

Andrew Palmer has worked across the business and political spectrum working with different partners.

With a journalistic, scientific, political and business background he has worked with senior politicians, written numerous speeches. Andrew was a business journalist on the Yorkshire Post and currently is business editor for the Yorkshire Times an online newspaper in addition to running The Gravitas Matrix where he helps business leaders and entrepreneurs stand out in a crowded and competitive market leading to significant performance improvements by increasing confidence, impact and authority.

He works with clients to provide a step-by-step guide to promoting their personal brand to increase visibility.