Building better relationships using DiSC:
David McCartney

Why is it that we find it easy to build great relationships with certain types of people and others we find much harder? However, in business and life we must deal with all different types of people and find ways to bridge those differences.

In this workshop you will learn about the DiSC assessment and how it helps us to understand ourselves better, understand why people are similar and different to us and how to build highly effective relationships with all types of personalities.

You will also learn how to spot DiSC personality styles based on body language and choice of words.

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About David McCartney

David owns The Alternative Board business in greater Leeds and has worked with over 65 business owners and leaders in the city over the last 10 years.

TAB creates  ‘alternative’ boards where up to seven business leaders from non-competing businesses meet every month in a confidential and safe environment to give and receive practical real-world advice to help each other to make better businesses decisions with the aim of achieving their business and personal visions.

As part of the ‘getting to know’ each other process, we use the DiSC tool extensively.