Using your brain for change:
Jules Wyman

Many of us know the quote “If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got” and yet we still get caught in habitual behaviours, have set ways of doing things and our thinking, the majority of the time, is automatic. So we get stuck and feel frustrated at how our business and lives are.
Of course there is another way.
In this session, Executive Confidence Coach Jules Wyman will share with you the research behind how our brains work and pragmatic tools, so that you can get those different results for you, your business and your clients. In fact, you can start using your brain for a change, instead of your brain using you. 

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About Jules

Jules Wyman is an exceptional speaker and coach who supports shattering the illusions around confidence.
No more faking it ’til you make it or acting as if you have it, Jules dispels these myths with executives to students to reveal The TRUTH About Confidence - how to stop pretending and be authentically you.
After reaching burnout and hitting rock bottom in 2003 Jules left a successful career in TV and theatre. She knew that significant changes were required in her life and used a variety of methodologies to make a 180 degree turnaround. 

Her coaching and speaking business, Positive Belief Ltd, started in 2005 with the drive to share the understandings of genuine confidence, resilience, self-compassion and how the brain works with individuals and in organisations.