About Collaborative Family Law Week 

About #CFLWeek

The annual Northern Lights conference continues to be popular and receive support from both members and the wider DR community, but we wanted to add something else into the mix. And so, in 2016, we ran the first Collaborative Family Law Week (#CFLWeek).

Getting involved

Below are the visual resources that illustrate the five core CFLWeek 2016 messages, which you can download and use to help you promote Collaborative Family Law Week. And if you're tweeting about it, don't forget to use the hashtag #CFLWeek to help spread the word.

Thanks for your support!

Useful downloads

Click here to download 'building a framework of trust' graphic.

Click here to download the 'effective teamwork' graphic.

Click here to download the 'creative communication' graphic.

Click here to download the 'positive messaging' graphic.

Click here to download the 'confident creativity' graphic.

Download the CFLWeek logo here.

Why not use the CFLWeek logo as your Twitter profile during CFL Week? Download the Twitter-ready version here.

You could change your LinkedIn banner image to reflect the CFLWeek themes. Download the image here.