DivorceHotel: what is that all about?

DivorceHotel is an international divorce concept based on mediation to ensure a professional, clearly timetabled, positive and affordable way of divorcing. This concept was developed in the Netherlands some five years ago and was taken to the USA (New York) three years ago. 
David Leckie and Clare Thornton launched DivorceHotel UK in York in March 2017 to considerable media attention. Following the success of the UK launch, David is to launch a hotel in Los Angeles in October and hopes to launch the first Canadian hotel in the Spring of 2018.

Ahead of their workshop at the Northern Lights conference in York next month, David explains more about the Divorce Hotel...
Collaboration in action
DivorceHotel is a great example of practical professional collaboration. The process sees legal, financial and family consultant professionals coming together with the couple to work in a very intensive two-day programme to assist the couple to reach their final agreement.  As well as completing the ‘paperwork’, DivorceHotel sees the couples’ separation not just as the end of a marriage, but also as the beginning of a new phase in their lives moving forward. Significant attention is given to this aspect of the process during the couples’ time with the team – what are your thoughts about how you deal with this aspect in your capacity as a collaborative professional? 
Who is suitable for a DivorceHotel procedure?
DivorceHotel welcomes everybody who wants to work towards splitting up in a positive way. It’s important that our clients are both able to wish each other a positive and bright new future after divorce, if they can do that (and this is discussed at some length during the intake process) then DivorceHotel could be exactly what the clients are looking for.

What about the DivorceHotel process?
A great deal of work is done before the couple arrive at DivorceHotel (assessment/information gathering/family consultant intervention) – couples benefit from agreeing a date for the hotel check in early on in the process so everyone works to the same timetable. On arrival, clients find DivorceHotel venues to be high quality boutique style environments, especially selected both for their facilities and the peace and quiet which can be found there. At the same time, couples enjoy the fact that they are completely anonymous and are mixing with ‘normal’ hotel guests. Apart from a small handful of hotel staff, others are unaware of the reason for the couples stay.

Interested in joining us?
DivorceHotel collaborates with carefully selected, highly experienced lawyers and mediators and other external advisors (eg accountants, brokers, etc.) – our international network is growing fast. Please talk to us at the Northern Lights conference, or email david@divorcehotel.co.uk if you would like to know more. In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the links here and here - they provide a pretty good overview of what we are all about.
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