Who's got your back?

The fallout from relationship breakdown is far reaching. You’re making and coming to terms with life-changing decisions as you navigate incredibly difficult times and work towards creating ‘a new normal’ for yourself and for your family. 
Having people around you who can help you through makes a real difference. And that’s not just family and friends. It applies just as much to the professionals you choose to support you. 
By choosing collaborative family law, you are choosing lawyers who will bring the right people together to help you think and work through all of the things that matter: your children, your finances, your emotional wellbeing. It’s about building a team around you that will support, advise and guide you as you make crucial decisions about your future. 
Emotional support
When a relationship breaks down, it’s rare that both people are in exactly the same place at the same time, emotionally. Often, one person has been thinking about ending the relationship for some time and is mentally ready to start the official process of severing ties. 
For the other, it might have been a bolt from the blue and they are still in a state of shock, trying to deal with the emotional impact of a decision they’ve had imposed on them and nowhere near ready to begin legal discussions about their future and the future of their children or finances. The idea of sitting around a table with their ex and their respective lawyers can simply be too much to take. 
That’s when there can be real value in working with a family consultant, who can work with one or both of you to help you work through the emotional issues you’re facing and reach a place where you both feel ready to start discussing the future. This gives you a much more constructive starting point for discussions together with your ex and your lawyers and, with your agreement, your lawyers will be able to introduce the right person at the right time. 
An independent view
When there’s a business involved, independent expert advice on finances can be invaluable. Two lawyers could look at the same set of accounts and give a different opinion on the value of the business or the income it could generate. The ability to bring an independent accountant into a meeting to give you an objective and transparent view, which can then be discussed openly around the table, adds significant value. 
Understanding what’s possible
Working out what will happen to your marital home, who will live where and how that will be funded is crucial. Understanding your borrowing capacity - and that of your ex – is fundamental to these discussions, and bringing an independent financial adviser into your round table collaborative meetings means this information can be readily available. What’s more, choosing an independent opens up far more possibilities and options than going with the adviser who’s linked to your estate agent. An independent adviser has access to the whole market, rather than being restricted to a limited number of providers or products, which means they’ll be able to outline a wider range of options and scenarios, and help you reach a decision you can both live with. 
Setting you up for the future
Thinking about out what happens with your pensions is another important area to discuss. Consulting actuaries and bringing pensions experts into your round table meetings at the right time during your discussions will help you make sure any pensions are split fairly, and enable you and your ex to access advice on where to reinvest lump sums or other pension income. 
Collaborative family law really is a team effort, bringing together the right people with a common goal of helping you reach agreements with your ex that are right for you and your family’s new future. If you’d like to find out more about how it works, take a look here.
Brighter Future