A better way

Did you know it’s Good Divorce Week? We’ve talked previously about whether there is such a thing as a ‘good’ divorce (we think there is), and this week is all about promoting the Resolution Code of Practice. ‘The Resolution what?’, we hear you cry…

Let us explain.

If you use social media, you might have seen images this week of people holding up posters that talk about 'The Resolution Code', and why they've signed up to it. Because members of Brighter Future are also members of Resolution, we thought it might be useful to tell you more about what this means for you, as someone who might one day use their services.

What is Resolution?

Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with people to resolve issues in a constructive way. Being a Resolution member is mainly about the way family lawyers and other family professionals work with people to help them resolve issues around divorce or separation.

What makes Resolution members different to other family law professionals?

The main thing that sets Resolution (and Brighter Future) members apart is that they will always seek to reduce or manage any conflict and confrontation, support and encourage families to put the best interests of any children first and act with honesty, integrity and objectivity.
Our members know that people reach the best outcomes when they understand and manage the potential long-term financial and emotional consequences of decisions.

This is why they use their experience and knowledge to guide people through the different options available to them; options that avoid the courtroom.
All Resolution members have signed up to a Code of Practice that demonstrates to their clients the approach they take. The Code promotes a constructive approach to family issues and considers the needs of the whole family, in particular the best interests of children.
What ‘The Code’ means for you and your family

If you decide to work with a Resolution and Brighter Future member, they will:
  • Listen to you, be honest with you and treat you with respect.
  • Explain all the options and giving you confidence to make the right decisions.
  • Help you focus on what’s important in the long-term.
  • Help you balance financial and emotional costs of separation and divorce with what you want to achieve.
  • Work with others where it is beneficial for you to find the right approach and the best solutions for you.
  • Manage stress in what can be an already stressful situation.
Because our members are signed up to the Resolution Code, they work with other like-minded professionals, including mediators, financial planners and family consultants, to help their clients find the right approach for them.

Divorce needn't be destructive for families. Our aim is to help people find a better, more constructive way that helps them build a more positive future. There's more information here about how collaborative family law can help people do just that, and you can also download a copy of the Resolution Code of Practice here.
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