Your good deed for the week

Next week (24-28 November) is National Family DR Week.

As names go, it doesn't quite have the same "does what it says on the tin" vibe as, say, Road Safety Week or World Vegan Month.

In fact, you could be forgiven for not knowing about it at all, but that's precisely the point of us writing this post.

Family DR (dispute resolution) Week aims to shine a spotlight on the alternatives available to separating families, instead of seeing them rely on an already overloaded court system to make decisions about their future.

It's an opportunity for family professionals across the country to unite in letting people know that court is not the only route available to them if their relationship or marriage ends.

There are other ways of resolving things, which allow them to take control of critical decisions about their children, finances, property and future instead of relying on a judge who knows very little about their family and circumstances.

Those alternatives include collaborative family law, where people sit down with their respective lawyers and work things out, together, in a constructive way.

It has been proven that people who make these important decisions themselves, rather than having decisions forced upon them by others, can build a more positive future.

The challenge for family professionals like us is letting people know that these alternatives are available, rather than seeing them destroyed by a court battle because they believe it's the only way. That's where we'd like to ask for your help.

What can you do?

Well, if you're reading this, that's a great start, and it means there is one more person who knows about collaborative family law.

If you share this post with someone you know, that's even better. And if they share it with people they know, we could really start building some momentum.

So, to do your good deed for the week, take a minute to read about how collaborative family law works and, if you like what you see, simply tell somebody you know that there is 'another way'.

You never know when someone close to you might experience relationship or marriage breakdown, and knowing there are ways of helping them deal with things constructively and build a positive future could make the world of difference to them.
Brighter Future