About us

Brighter Future members are all trained collaborative family professionals based in the north of England, and focused on helping you achieve the outcome that is right for you in the most amicable and constructive way.
Our members all have extensive experience of helping families through relationship breakdown. They include family lawyers who have undertaken specific training to practice this specialist area of family law, as well as other family professionals such as financial advisers, family consultants and counsellors, who can help you reach agreement on the terms of your separation.
Our aim is to help people who are seeking to avoid confrontation and remain on good terms with their partner and friends to resolve the financial and/or family issues that arise from their separation. By working together, with the right support, you can reduce both costs and stress at a sensitive and difficult time in your lives.
To speak to a Brighter Future member about how collaborative family law could benefit you, a friend or member of your family, please use our find a lawyer facility to find somebody local to you who can help.